2017 Limerick Cup, Limerick Ireland July 23-31, 2017 

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What to Know

TRYOUTS-This is a ONE-DAY TRYOUT, we are offering the following age groups and gender: BOYS AND GIRLS U9/U10/U11/12/U13/14. All selected players will be published by NUMBER the following day on our website

Confirmation-Once an opportunity has been offered the player/parent will receive via email the invite to the next steps confirmation process. At that time all details will be documented. 

Deposit- Once a player has been selected and confirmed a NON REFUNDABLE $500.00 deposit for the player and a NON REFUNDABLE $500.00 deposit for the one parent/guardian must be submitted by check or cash only. By February 25, 2020 we would need all additional family attending to be supplied to our in-country vendor. We provide to families the ability to make installment payments, the dates for these installments would be 2/25/20, 3/25/20, 4/25/20, and finally 5/15/20.

TEAM TRAINING- Teams will meet January, February, April, May & June 2020 (schedules will be send out). TEAM BOOT CAMP 2 weeks before tournament departure. We are not looking to disrupt your club schedules...

Pre-Trip Information and Tips

Suitcase Packing Tips

Please limit yourself to one carry on and one checked bag (50 lbs or less). Everyone is responsible for transporting their own bags, so please plan according to your strength. Small backpack (instead of a purse) as a personal item. Since we are touring it's advised to have a secondary bag so you can pack for the day or overnight instead of lugging the primary bag in and out of the hotel.

Essential documentation


Another form of Identification (Credit Card, Drivers License, etc..)

Pen (necessary to fill out customs forms while in-flight)

Additional/Optional Essentials


Video recorder

Hat, Sun Glasses, Sun Screen

Book/Magazines/Electronic Device


Small Sport bag

Head Phones


European Power Travel Adapter Plug

Bug Spray

Essential Clothing




Shin Guards

Goalie Gloves

Water Bottle

Soccer Ball-Deflated

Player Bag

Small pump, Needle

Parents, Other Family Members

Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers

Dress like US Spring temperatures range from highs in the 60's during the day and 50's during the evening

In-Country Communications

Having a cell phone specifically a smart phone so you can run apps and receive SMS text messages as well as email is essential. We will be using Spond for communications as well as text messages.

The following items will be daily messages sent to to all contacts:

Dining times

Daily events (social, competition, results, etc..)

Changes to schedules

Meeting locations

Naturally we will be making in person announcements around the above mentioned during all group instances.


Having some Euro's when you arrive is smart most people will bring 100-300 Euro with them. You can also use your debt card to withdraw Euro's as well.

Some credit card companies charge international fees please check with your provider, also please contact your CC provider indicating you'll be out of the country.

Code of Conduct Waiver

Please make sure you submit on-line the COC wavier it takes longer to read then the 1 minute to fill out and submit...

Open Mind and Expectation level

Our website does a great job setting expectations with all new participates, if you have not as of yet please peruse through to get a feel of what to expect in a few weeks! Most parents/players take a moment to release and have an open mind please we encourage you to enjoy your time and have fun watching your kids play against some tough international competition...

Tournament Rules/Accepted Teams

We will be posting all tournament rules/accepted teams by end of May on our website


Here is the top frequently asked questions.

1) Time away from my club- all practices are optional except for boot camp (July 2019) before we leave.

2) Travel- Flights are approx. $600.00-$900.00 

3] Local Transportation- Taxis are available at your discretion

4] What does my kid need to bring- Soccer bag, deflated ball with pump and pin, uniform, spikes and shin guards, all non-soccer apparel and rain gear.

5] What should I need to bring- Pack for one week for vacation, plenty of walking.

6) Currency conversion- Currency is the Euro please review the conversion rate.